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All of the designs on this website are examples of the displays I have created over the past few years.  Each one is individual and unique with no two designs being exactly the same in size, shape or colour. 


The traditional displays are designed using quality silk flowers and a variety of glass vases (unless otherwise stated), or ceramic containers, in fact any container that I feel inspired to use for a new design.  The use of glass vases rather than acrylic ensures that each display is more stable as it is a heavier medium and has a higher quality finish.  Each display is created to be viewed from any angle rather than just from one side i.e. the front and so they can be placed anywhere in a room.  Displays range from a single stem rose to larger more intricate designs offering a wide range of options for any room or venue and any occasion including wedding receptions.


My flower displays can also be designed for outdoor tributes, noting that whilst they will last much longer than fresh flowers, outdoor displays will not last indefinitely.


The 'Ikebana' inspired designs also use silk flowers but these designs provide greater flexibility in how the materials are used and thus the overall design.  They are designed mainly using a flat base such as a plate or slate and can be used as a table centre piece, placed on a table, windowsill, shelf  or any other area to brighten a room.

I also enjoy creating a range of unique, bespoke wedding bouquets for both the bride and bridesmaids along with buttonholes and corsages.  A silk bouquet is a lifelong memory of your wedding and can be displayed at home  in a vase as a reminder of your very special day.  A silk bouquet has the advantage of being able to be delivered well in advance of your wedding day thus taking any worry out of your preparations.  In addition there will be no water droplets to spoil your beautiful dress and the colours can be more easily matched to your wedding theme.

I also create arrangements for the festive season and design an array of displays from  small, simple table centrepieces to larger arrangements and door wreaths.  If your door wreath is used outdoor during the winter months, due to the vagaries of our winter weather, the decorations will need replacing after several years but the decorations are easily renewed.  The door wreaths range in size from 35cm to 50 cm with smaller 20cm festive wreaths which can also be used as a table cetntrepiece.


The designs are deceptively real and are often mistaken for fresh flowers but the advantage of silk and artificial displays are that they last for many years and require little care and attention. The flower displays are easy to care for and require only an occasional dust with a light brush e.g. a blusher or make-up brush and of course they don't require watering.  


My designs are created to give you a long lasting, beautiful and original flower display to enliven any room or venue for many years to come or to offer a unique and individual wedding bouquet..